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Suwanee GA DentistHave you ever skipped or rescheduled a dental appointment due to fear or anxiety? Does the idea of having dental treatment fill you with dread? Do you worry about pain, embarrassment, or loss of control every time you sit down in a dental examination chair? You are not alone. And even better, we can help.

Most people experience some level of nervousness when going to the dentist. For about 10-20% of people, though, going to the dentist causes such anxiety that they will avoid going much longer than they should, sometimes leaving problems untreated for years. This can affect not only your oral health, but your overall health and self-esteem as well.

So, how does this happen? In most cases, dental fear is caused by either previous bad dental experiences or by indirect experiences, such as witnessing a parent with dental fearavoiding treatment. Once dental fear begins, it can be self-reinforcing and difficult to overcome.

We can help. The first step in overcoming dental fear and regaining your oral health is to let us know that this fear is an issue for you. There are a variety of techniques we can use to help make your visit comfortable and reassuring and to help you feel safe. Dr. Lisin and our whole team are happy to speak with you about your specific concerns and anxieties and help you have more control over your own treatment plan. We will start with short, easy consultation and treatments and progress at the pace that feels right to you. When you feel safe and comfortable, your body is more able to relax during treatments, allowing greater anesthetic effectiveness.

So if dental anxiety has forced you to put off the treatments you need to regain or maintain your healthy smile, give Dr. Lisin a call and let us show you why we’re known for compassionate, patient-centric dental care.

Dentist in Suwanee GA | Help Us Fight Oral Cancer!

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April is Oral Cancer Awareness month! An estimated 48,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral or pharyngeal cancer this year, killing 9,575 people (roughly one person per hour, 24 hours a day).

Help us fight this battle by joining our campaign. Now through the month of May, come see us for an exam and a complimentary oral cancer screening utilizing The ViziLite cancer screening system!

Take a selfie with your beautiful smile, post it to Facebook, and tag us! For each selfie posted, Dr. Lisin will make a donation on your behalf towards this fight! Be a hero and save a life!

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