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Suwanee DentistMany people struggle with complete tooth loss, oftentimes finding themselves suffering with a diminished quality of life. Everyday tasks such as eating and smiling become difficult, leading to a decline in a person’s physical as well as emotional well-being. For years, the only solution to this problem was a set of complete dentures that were fabricated to “sit” on one’s gums, frequently with the help of denture adhesive. Although this may be a great option for some, it may also be debilitating for others. Dentures frequently move, cause soreness, and do not allow proper function or eating certain foods. Likewise, as the dentures “sit” on the gums and rely on the underlying bone for support, they must eventually be replaced multiple times as the bone diminishes throughout life.

With recent advances in implant dentistry, today we have a different, state-of-the-art option for those struggling with complete tooth loss. This procedure, oftentimes called “teeth in one day,” allows for the placement of 4-6 implants into the jawbone which are able to support a fixed, non-removable dental bridge. This bridge is placed the same day as failing dentition is taken out, meaning that you can come in for your appointment in the morning and leave with a full set of FIXED teeth that afternoon!

What Is The Advantage Of Teeth in One Day Vs. Conventional Dentures?
Unlike conventional dentures, “teeth in one day” are fixed, non-removable prostheses. They do not require denture adhesive and are not removed before bedtime, as required with conventional dentures. Also, the placement of implants inside the jawbone helps retain bone, allowing for very minimal bone loss throughout life, unlike with conventional dentures. This, in turn, reverses the aging process, as lip support is maintained throughout life, keeping your appearance youthful. Also, conventional dentures are often bulky and cover the roof of your mouth, causing loss of taste and sensation. Fixed bridges do not cover the palate and do not interfere with your sense of taste. Most importantly, these fixed prostheses allow proper chewing of all foods, so go on……eat that steak and smile without worrying about your teeth coming loose!

You Say It’s One Day, But Is It Really One Day?
Although teeth in one day are completed in a single visit, there are multiple pre-planning visits required
to your general dentist’s and oral surgeon’s office. These visits are essential as they allow the dental
practitioners to evaluate the jawbone quality, quantity, and health as well as allow the fabrication of
properly fitted, beautiful teeth.

Once the pre-planning is completed, you are scheduled an appointment that will forever change your
life! This visit is scheduled in the office of the oral surgeon, but don’t worry, your general dentist will be
there by your side! In fact, this intricate process frequently requires the collaboration of your dentist,
oral surgeon, and a highly qualified lab technician to achieve the best, most lasting results.

During the surgery visit, the poor dentition is removed, implants are placed, and the bridge is fixed. Yes,
you leave the office with a beautiful, FIXED bridge! However, as some healing will be taking place, this is
still a temporary prosthesis and will be replaced by a permanent bridge about 3 months after this visit.
Subsequent visits are needed to your general dentist for the refinement of bridge as needed, to make
certain that the best function and esthetics are achieved. Wow! You are now able to eat anything you
want and smile confidently, knowing that your teeth are not going anywhere!

I’m not a Millionaire! How do I pay for this?
Teeth in one day are a large financial commitment and we all understand the financial burdens involved.
However, there are a few things to consider. We are all faced with having to make significant financial
decions such as purchasing a car. If our car breaks down and we are faced with having to purchase
another vehicle, we take into consideration the importance of the vehicle. Without transportation, we
are unable to travel to work or chauffer our family around. We consider the dimished lifestyle without
transportation and then consider a more manageable financial plan, such as a monthly payment plan,
that allows us to continue living our high quality life with little disruption. Hence, considering the cost of
teeth in one day may be overwhelming. However, when considering a low cost monthly plan, we begin
to realize that this is most certainly a viable option. In the end, being able to eat confidently, smile
without worries, and maintain our physical and mental well-being is priceless!

How Can Smile Creations Dental Help?
At Smile Creations Dental, we are committed to helping you achieve the smile that you have always
wanted. Together with the most recognized oral surgeons and lab technicians of Atlanta, we can
transform your smile in one day. When you are ready to take the most rewarding step of your life, we
will be with you every visit, next to the highly trained team we work with.

Our office works with several financial lending institutions that help us make your dreams a reality! We
are able to set up manageable monthly payment plans that will fit with your budget and lifestyle. If you
are ready to see how we can transform your life, please call us today!

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