Sedation Dentistry

Dentist in Suwanee, GA

With the many advances in dental technology, Dr. Lisin-Queen is able to efficiently provide quality dental care to you and your family by offering oral conscious inhalation  sedation dentistry. In addition to eliminating pain during dental procedures, sedation dentistry works for patients with:

  • High fear or very sensitive teeth
  • Past traumatic dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Limited time to complete dental care

With oral conscious sedation therapy, our dentist can treat even the most anxious patients and often accomplish dental work in one or two visits.

Sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation while you remain conscious. Nitrous oxide and oxygen are mixed together and then inhaled through a mask that covers the nose prior to having a dental procedure performed. This is used to produce relaxation and a state of overall comfort. Safe, effective and non-invasive, nitrous oxide is the sedation method of choice for many anxious or fearful patients.

Dental Vibe

The Dental Vibe causes the tissues around the injection site to vibrate while anesthesia injections are administered. Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations are occurring simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first and essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived.

About 95% of the patients that have experienced the Dental Vibe say that it has changed their view on going to the dentist.